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*NEW BLOG* Factory info and math breakdown.

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1 *NEW BLOG* Factory info and math breakdown. on Thu Sep 17, 2009 11:57 pm

Coin Dust

Coin Dust
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Hi Guys,

Most of you have already noticed that the Sweets Factory has made its way to all of YoVille. Now that it is out we’d like to give you some more info on potential Sweets Factory earnings. We’ve seen a lot of inaccurate math out there and wanted to provide you guys with a fresh look at the Factory with an accurate summary of Sweets Factory coin earnings.

Sweets Factory Earnings Basic Break Down

This is going to be a long post with a lot of details so please be sure to read it over carefully and feel free to reference it regularly.

Those are the payouts without any bonus at all for crew. These numbers are what most people are basing their calculations on when adding up potential profit.

Here’s the crew bonus break down for bakery items:

These crew bonuses are per item sold. So if you are making cookies and you have 50 crew you get to add 8 coins to the payout of each cookie.

You guys all have different amounts of crew, as you can see above it greatly benefits you to obtain 50 crew members. This task is not too difficult, many of you on the forums already have this amount of crew, so let’s show the calculations based on a player that has at least 50 crew members.

Now that you have the basic numbers, I’m going to do a few breakdowns of possible earnings.

Let’s bake Cookies!

So we’ll start with the base selling price for cookies of 25 coins subtract cleaning cost of 10 coins and ingredient costs of 7 coins this equals out to 8 coins base profit. 25-10-7 =8. Now since you have 50 crew members you get to tack on an extra payout of 8 coins per cookie. 8×8 =16. This means your payout per cookie is now 16 coins, remember this is AFTER ingredient and cleaning costs and this includes your crew bonus.

16 coins x 16 ovens (you have 16 ovens) = 256 coins.

You can earn 256 coins every 4 hours. This means you can bake cookies a maximum of 6 times every 24 hours.

256 x 2 = 512 256 x 3 = 768 256 x 4 = 1,024 256 x 5 = 1280 256 x 6 = 1536 coins

When logging into the factory you also get a stipend of coins to help you get started. This amount can be from 75 coins -100 coins. You get this stipend once every 24 hours. This means (depending on your stipend) you can earn between 1,611 - 1,636 coins per day by baking cookies. Again this is after both cleaning and ingredient costs are subtracted.

This is a great option for people who have a flexible schedule. The maximum you could clock into the Widget factory was 4 times per day (once per hours). If you have 50 crew members you would have been making about 350 coins per shift. 350 x 4 = 1400 coins.

Okay now let’s move on to Coffee Cake! (Please note that the Coffee Cake is not out yet, it will be released tonight. This addition was influenced by your feedback.)

Coffee cake sells for 37 coins minus 10 coins for cleaning and minus 15 coins for ingredients equals a payout of 12 coins. 37-10-15 = 12.

Now since you have 50 crew, you get to add 12 coins to each coffee cake payout. 12+11 =23

23 x 16 = 368

Coffee cake takes 6 hours to bake, this means you can bake Coffee Cake up to 4 times a day. This is the same time frames as the Widget factory was.

368 x 4 = 1,472 coins. Don’t forget your stipend though! That will bring your total between 1,547- 1,572 coins a day if you bake 4 times a day. The maximum you could clock into the Widget factory was 4 times per day. If you have 50 crew members you would have been making about 350 coins a day. 350 x 4 = 1400 coins. This is the most simple way to make more coins than you were before with the same amount of visits. You can also mix and match bakery goods to fit your personal schedule. That was not an option you had with the Widget factory.

I’ll try to move through the other items more quickly.

Cinnamon Rolls

43 -10 -22 = 11. Add crew bonus of 12 coins = 23 coins. 23 x 16 = 368 Cinnamon rolls take 8 hours to bake so you can bake these a maximum of 3 times per day.

368 x 3 = 1,104. Add on the stipend of between 75-100 coins and you get a total earning potential of 1,179 - 1,204 coins.

This is a good option for players who only have time to log in 3 times a day. At the Widget factory you would make 1,050 coins if you had 50 crew and were logging on 3 times day. With the Sweets Factory you can also put something in the oven right before bed and let it bake while you sleep. This way you can make even more coins through mixing bakery items and using them to fit your schedule.

Angel Food

58 - 10 - 33 = 15. 15 coins plus the crew bonus of 13 coins = 28 coins per Angel Food.

28 x 16 = 448

Angel food takes 12 hours to bake so it can be made twice a day. This is a great option for those who can only log in twice a day.

448 x 2 = 896 add on your stipend of 75-100 coins and it brings your potential earnings to 971 - 996 coins.

At the Widget Factory if you were only able to log in twice a day rather than four times you would only be able to make about 700 coins. 350 x 2 =700. You can log in the same amount of times with the Sweets Factory and make more money.

The next few options were added to help people that can log in the least make more coins.


45 - 10 - 11 = 24. Add on your crew bonus of 21 coins to equal 45 coins per cupcake.

45 x 16 = 720 coins. Add on your stipend of between 75 -100 coins and you can earn 795 - 820 coins for just one log in per day. If you were only able to log in once a day with the Widget Factory you could only make about 350 coins.

Apple Pie

Apple Pie take 48 hours to bake. If you know you can’t log in for 48 hours this will be a good option for your schedule.

63 - 10 - 18 = 35 coins. Add on crew bonus of 30 coins per pie to equal 65 coins.

65 x 16 = 1.040 coins. With your coins stipend it brings you to between 1,115 - 1,140 coins when you come back.

At the Widget factory if you could only log in once every 48 hours you would only be able to make a maximum of 350 coins within that 48 hour time frame.

Yellow Cake

Yellow cake takes 72 hours to bake. Use this option if you know you will only be able to log in once per 72 hours. This is also a good once in awhile option if you will be away for a few days.

83 - 10 - 26 = 47. Add on your crew bonus of 41 coins. 47 +41 = 88.

88 x 16 = 1,408. Add on your coins stipend of 75-100 and you can make 1483 - 1508 coins in 72 hours.

Again the Yellow Cake option is mainly for very casual players who only log into the factory once in a while. It is also good for those who have to be away for a few days. If you had only clocked in once in 72 hours with the Widget Factory, your maximum payout would have been around 350 coins.

So that’s the basic breakdown for people that have 50 crew members. These payouts still work out in favor of Sweets Factory vs. Widget Factory for players that have less than 50 crew members. You can use the graph at the top to calculate your potential earning for the amount of crew members that you have. If you want more, then you may need to grow your crew to 50 members.

Also please remember that these are just the most basic breakdowns for baking only one particular bakery item per day. To make the most coins you will have to manage your bakery a bit better. Work it around your schedule. If you have been baking cookies all day and are about to go to bed… why not throw in some Coffee Cake or Cinnamon Rolls to bake while you sleep? The different options here let you customize your payouts around your personal schedule.

Bakery Grace Period:

We have seen a lot of questions about how much of a grace period you have before your items burn. Your grace period is equal to at least the bake time of your item. So if you bake cookies, they are done in 4 hours but you have at least an additional 4 hours from after they finish baking before they will burn. We don’t want people to lose coins due to burned sweets. We actually tracked the amount of items that people burned during our testing period and found that the number was very very low. We understand that the first couple of days can feel tough because you are baking more than you are selling on the first day and also learning the ropes. However, the data shows that most users are quickly learning how to optimize their visits for coins in the first couple of days … they are learning to play the game better than they did their first day and they are making more money as a result.
This is a new feature so we are still adjusting numbers and finding what works best for the majority of our players. We will make sure to update you guys if any of the above numbers change. Our goal is to make sure that everyone can profit more from the Sweets Factory and we will continue to tweak things to make sure that this happens.

If you are having any technical difficulties please post these in the Technical section of the forums so that we can forward them to our devs. We want to make sure that this is working properly for all players. If you post technical issues in the Feedback section there is a good chance that it will be buried by other posts.

For those of you who are posting Feedback, feel free to do so we greatly appreciate your feedback and help with improving this new experience. Your feedback has been critically important in helping us identify adjustments to the payout structure which have already been put in place to ensure that people who play the game well earn as much or more than they used to. For example, the coffee cake option you see above will be released tonight (that is the last remaining change). You can post both negative and/or positive feedback. You can also make suggestions. What we do ask here is that you follow the forum rules. Please do not spam, create multiple threads about the same thing, keep things civil, and do not post attacking or harassing threads. Those who continue to break the forum rules will be issued bans. We do not want to have to do that at all, but we will not allow the forum to be taken over by Sweets Factory posts. This forum is for all YoVille players, including those who are posting about non Factory related topics.


~Pink Ninja


Thanks Coin Dust


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