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Mafia vs Police Items ~ Price List!

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1 Mafia vs Police Items ~ Price List! on Tue Sep 22, 2009 1:35 pm

Coin Dust

Coin Dust
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Mafia Golden Clock - 1k
Mafia Poker Table - 3-4k
Mafia Chippendale Chair - 2k
Mafia Chippendale Loveseat - 2-3k
Mafia Chippendale Sofa - 3k
Mafia Box Of Bats - 1500
Mafia Bullet Holes - 200-300
Mafia Pillar - 900-1200
Mafia Marble Toilet - 5-7k
Mafia Marble Tub - 15-20k
Mafia Floorlamp - 700-1k
Mafia Wall Lamp - 500-1k
Mafia Pile Of Cash - 3-4k
Mafia Bars Of Gold - 4k
Mafia Boxes Of Loot - 2500-3k
Mafia Bags Of Money - 2500
Mafia Yoville Is Yours Statue - 10-15k

Mafia Baseball Bat - 12-14k
Mafia Shoes - 1k
Mafia Jacket - 2k
Mafia Pants - 1500-2k
Mafia Hat - 5-6k
Mafia Cigar - 6-8k

Police Coffee Cup - 200
Police Coffee Cup Mess - 200-300
Police Coffee Cup Stack - 300-500
Police Siren Light - 2-3k
Police Cameras - 3k
Police Jail Cell Doors - 3-4k
Police Jail Cell Bars - 3k
Police Box Of Donuts - 800-1k
Police Waiting Room Chair - 1k
Police Waiting Room Loveseat - 1-2k
Police Waiting Room Sofa - 2k-2500
Police Typewriter - 2k
Police Handcuffs - 1500-2500

Police Hat - 4-5k
Police Billy Club - 15k


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2 Re: Mafia vs Police Items ~ Price List! on Wed Sep 23, 2009 11:26 am


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Nice, Thanks Coin Dust!

3 Re: Mafia vs Police Items ~ Price List! on Mon Sep 28, 2009 9:31 am


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I think so many people bought extra mafia stuff that a lot of people will struggle to sell their inventory. I've seen at least 10 events trying to sell mafia beds for 8K. They are nice, but seems pretty crazy for a bed. There seems to be more "rares" at sales than actual items these days

4 Re: Mafia vs Police Items ~ Price List! on Wed Sep 30, 2009 12:22 pm


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Your right

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