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All Known Scams!

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1 All Known Scams! on Fri Aug 21, 2009 10:00 am


:arrow: Here are all the known Scams! Please Don't Get Fooled by Scams Like This!

1.Double My Coins!
People have lot's of events about this..We all know that noone on YoVille Can double your coins! If Someone try's to scam you on Doubleing your coins, report them that instant!

2.Change YoCoins to YoCash!
People are going around telling people that they can change your coins into YoCash,That's not True..noone can do that! If your in this situation..Report That Player that Instant!

There is no such thing of VIP passes on YoVille,Theres People Trying to sell fake VIP passes,people are selling to get Coins..But your actually not getting a VIP pass! No VIP's On YoVille!

4.Give me your account!
some people on YoVille Make Websites asking for you email/password..And they say that you can earn coins or YoCash in the Next 24Hrs! Please Don't Trust this! They will just Hack your account..they will not give you nothing!

5.Fake Ninja's/Mod's!
There's People on YoVille pretending to be Pink Ninja,WhiteGold Ninja Ect.. Dont belive those people unless they actually have a Gold Badge in there name! But YoVille Mod's Will NEVER! ask for your Email or Password.. So Don't Get fooled.

6.Watch Out when buying Art!
Some People are selling art and there actually traiding a blank whitebored.. So Watch Out!

7.Cloneing Items!
Watch out cause Some People say can you give me your Costume..I will clone it to make 2! one for me one for you... watch out on that!

8.Best Gift Wins "Dog"!
Alot of people get scammed by this! there's events saying Best Gift Wins a Dog,dont really trust that..cause there gonna collect alot of gifts then Poof..Only trust if its your family member hosting it or a Good Friend!

well Thats all for now! if there is any other scams i find! i will sure Post it!

- Dixxie Very Happy

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