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YoVille Salon, Comming Soon...

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1 YoVille Salon, Comming Soon... on Wed Sep 23, 2009 3:04 pm



YoVille.com Released a new blog recently, In purpose to update YoVillians on a new Place being released soon. This New Place is..Hair Salon! A majority of people guessed a Salon, When we were waiting on another New Place "Music Store".
This place allows you to change and buy hair, You will still get to keep your default set of hair for free. We do not have much info over this.
This has gotten people worried, Because of the change of the Widget Factory to the Sweets Factory, That replied a lot of nagitive Feedback. People think most of this as a YoCash only store, and will make you pay to even get started on(like the Sweet Factory is based on)
Thats all the info YoVilleArea has... Cheak back for more.

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