Hey there, Great to see you on YVA! I just wanted to ask if you've seen the rules recently for YVA? If you haven't go ahead and check it out http://bit.ly/A1B56X . Make sure you understand, and agree to the rules before posting. Thanks Smile.

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YoVilleArea Rules- READ

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1 YoVilleArea Rules- READ on Thu Oct 01, 2009 10:43 am


Welcome to YoVilleArea. Your Posts or topics must be applied before posting. Any members showing disrespect to the rules will may/or may not get you banned. The amount of reports I get decides the amount of days you will get banned for.

Rule #1- No spamming.

Rule #2- No advertising ANY sites. Crew Needed post are accepted.

Rule #3- No harsh language.

Rule #4- Do not show any disrespect to ANY member.

Rule #5- No using hacking programs on forum.

Rule #6- No fake quoting topics.

Rule #7- Do not post spoilers, this is against YoVille's TOS.

Rule #8- Do not copy/paste are information on any other site.

Rule #9- Do not post porn/porn sites such as adult behavioral art.

Rule #10- Do not sell coins/yocash on this site. This is not the site to do that in.

Rule #11- Do not copy are images.

Rule #12- Please make sure your name on the forum is not disturbing to members, harsh or rude text is against the rules.

Rule #13- Do not accuse/disrespect religious, beliefs, or legal.

Please follow all forum rules.


2 Re: YoVilleArea Rules- READ on Thu Oct 01, 2009 10:55 am


We have copyright over are information photos, or logos

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