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Mid-Week Ninja Update! blog

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1 Mid-Week Ninja Update! blog on Thu Oct 01, 2009 1:31 pm


Hey Guys!!!

It’s Thursday and time to let you all know what is going on behind the scenes in the world of Yoville. There are lots of things being fixed and many new items and fun things coming to you guys!!


We have changed the name of the “Video Camera” to “Video Recorder” so when having events about this item please make sure to refer to it by it’s new name.

Mafia Mansion - We have listened to your feedback on the Mafia house and after a lot of hard work we have created a new front yard and backyard to the Mafia Home that we wanted to have your feedback on before changing in game. We are going to create a poll to vote between the Mafia Front and Backyard in game now and the newly scaled option that is not currently in game. (**Please Note** that there are changes to the color and scale which will effect the spacing so please take this into consideration when voting!) We will be posting the poll later today hopefully *fingers crossed* so you can see what the other option is and will let you guys know as soon as it is up!!

As some of you have noticed on the the Buy Yocash/Yocins Tab there is an option to redeem a Yoville Gift Card. These gift cards are going to be made available today at participating Target stores . In the future there will be more retailers that carry these cards. We will keep you updated as they become available at more retail locations!! If any of you have never been able to buy Yocash or coins in the past because you did not have a credit card this is a perfect solution for you! Also, if you have always wanted someone else to buy you Yocash or coins as a gift….make sure to add this gift card to your next birthday or Christmas list

Hair Design Contest

We have been going through the list of entries and working on gathering the top hairstyles. Currently this list is still being compiled as we have had such an awesome turn out with this contest and we are still getting feedback from everyone on the team on their favorites. We will be posting the top hairstyles to be voted on possibly as early as the end of this week We’ll be sure to announce when the voting kicks off!!

We have seen many questions on the forums regarding whether or not the hairstyles the winners receive will be permanent. YES! The winner’s of the Hair Design will be awarded the hair that they designed and it will be permanent to their avatar.


We’ve had our exterminator outfits on this last week trying to spray and kill those little bugs to help improve the quality of your game play! Here are a list of some that we have recently stomped within the last week!

- Pet Feeding and Naming Issues: This issue has been fixed so you can go ahead and feed your lovely little pets again and you should receive a happy face

Mr. Bulldog - This item is now purchasable through the Pet Store again!! So pick one up today

Changing Appearance - You now have the option to remove hats, accessories, jackets, etc again by clicking None. Please remember when removing an accessory you do not have the “none” option and you must click on the accessory item again to remove it from your avatar.

We have seen several players experiencing issues on Facebook getting into any applications on their Facbook account receiving a Redirect Loop message. For now please use this link HEREas a work around.

Keep Your Eyes Out For:

As Pink told you before watch for the Salon!! Coming to Yoville soon. .. very very soon. ;p

That’s about all folks!! To stay up to date on what is going on in Yoville 24/7 make sure to Become a Fan of Yoville to be in the know You get feeds on your Facebook page to let you know when there are new items in game and whats been going on with Yoville.com while you were away. If you become a fan you will receive a I Love Yoville Shirt only available by becoming a fan! Sign up to be a fan HERE!

- Platinum Ninja

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