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YoVille Tips Vol. 1: Getting Those Coins!

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1 YoVille Tips Vol. 1: Getting Those Coins! on Sat Oct 31, 2009 6:08 am


For those of you not familiar with YoVille, it is a game by Zynga (of Mafia Wars fame.) You make a cute little avatar, and wander around a virtual world. You can earn coins, and use them to buy things in the stores. You start off with a barebones apartment with starter furniture. As you get through the game, and level up with experience points, you gain rooms for your apartment and items (as well as action moves.) It's a great social game, and you can talk to not only your existing friends, but any person walking around.

One thing all my newbie friends ask is "How do you get enough coins to buy all your stuff?" Today's guide will help teach some of the tricks to maximize the coins you can get. Since most of us don't really want to spend real money buying YoCash and Coins (yes, you CAN do that if you are impatient), this guide focuses on the FREE and legal ways of doing this. (I will never promote cheats in these guides, as the cheaters and hackers ruin things for the rest of us!)

1. Visit the factory.
Up until recently, visiting the factory and "clocking in" gave you 200 coins and 10 YP (YoPoints - AKA experience points). You get additional coins for having crew members:

Apprentice: 1 Crew Member (Just you!): No extra coins
Apprentice: 2 Crew Members (including you): 20 extra coins
Apprentice: 5 Crew Members (including you): 35 extra coins
Apprentice: 10 Crew Members (including you): 50 extra coins
Apprentice: 20 Crew Members (including you): 75 extra coins
Apprentice: 35 Crew Members (including you): 100 extra coins
Apprentice: 50 Crew Members (including you): 150 extra coins
(Meaning, the first "secret" is to invite all your friends to get the most coins possible!) Now, they offer you a choice of jobs:

Weave Fabric for Clothing: 200-230 Coins, 6 XP
Assemble Fishing Rods: 150-175 Coins, 11-15 XP
Manufacture Furniture: 125-150 Coins, 6 XP (Chance of rare item or furniture!)
Build a Basic Widget: 200 Coins, 10 XP (Equivalent to old way)
You will still get the bonus coins, described above, for having crew members. Which is best? It's really up to you. If you are trying to gain YP faster, go for assembling the fishing rods. If you want more furniture and rares, manufacture furniture. If you want coins, weave the fabric. If you want a mixture of coins and YP, build the basic widget. The secret to get the most out of this system, however, is knowing you can clock in every 6 hours. If you keep track of this, and log back onto YoVille (even if just to punch in!), then you will be able to get more coins a day.

The total daily earning potential varies on a few factors: your number of friends, which job you choose, and how often you punch in. So, if you have 50+ friends, manage to clock in 4 times during the day, and always do the weaving fabric (and assuming you are lucky and always get the maximum for that job of 230 coins plus your 150 bonus), the most possible per day is 1520 coins!!!

Also, related to this, make sure you post the little blurb to ask your friends for help with a job. That can earn you more coins, depending on how many help you out. And when friends post blurbs, make sure you help them out, too, for even more coins.

*** Important Note: Since making this guide, the Widget Factory has been replaced with the Sweets Factory. Please see my Volume 4: Sweets Factory guide for more info!!! ***

2. Visit your Friends.
Here is another reason reason why it is important to have friends in your crew. You can visit up to 20 friends' apartments/houses each day. You only get credit for the first 20 you visit, and you can only visit a particular friend once and still get credit. The trick is, you MUST do an action to get coins and YP. Yes, there are quite a few actions: "dance", "fight", "kiss", "joke", "message", and "give gift". All will give you the same YP amount: 10. But, you get more coins for sending a message or giving a gift. So, maximize your coins by doing either of those two for approx. 15-20 coins per friend! If you're looking to acquire badges, too, gifting is the way to go. (The gifts are not the free ones you can send when you connect to YoVille, but using the gift button in a friend's room. For this, you are gifting something out of your own inventory. But, if you're going to gift, why not get rid of some of those free gifts others have sent you. *LOL*) Not only will you get badges based on how many friends you visit, but also for how many gifts you send.

The total maximum earning potential on this is 400 a day!

3. Play Games.
Currently, there are four games you can play in YoVille. But, they are paired together...let me explain.

The first two games are the Race Track and Fishing games. Each win earns you 10 coins, and 25 YP. Both of these games, although it looks like you are playing your friends, really you are playing the computer.

The other two games are Tic Tac Toe and Rock Paper Scissors. You play against people walking around in YoVille. (The best place, I have found, to find willing opponents is in front of the apartment building.) You earn 10 coins for each game you win, and 5 for a tie game in Tic Tac Toe. Each of these games also earn you 5 YP for winning (you also get 5 YP for a tie game in Tic Tac Toe.) As with fishing and racing, these two also work hand in hand, so if you win 200 coins in one game, you are "maxxed" for the day, and won't be able to earn any more in the other.

You can win at these, COMBINED, up to 20 times in a 24 hour period. (So, if you win at Fishing 20 times, you will not be able to earn coins at Racing, Tic-Tac-Toe, or Rock Paper Scissors.)

The total mamimum earning potential on this is 400 a day! (200 per game pair.)

4. Play Your Daily Scratch-off Card.
You see these pop up once a day. Each card has 5 circles to scratch-off, one per day. Every card is a winner! There will always be three matches of one of the items: "coins", "item", or "rare". If you win a rare, you will get something not offered in any store. An item will just be a common thing available in the stores. If you win coins, you get 500!

5. Get Additional Coins on yoville.com!
This one is the least heard of way of getting coins, as it is not directly on Facebook, and most people don't even know it exists. However, as my mom has now learned *LOL*, faithfully checking this out daily will get you even more coins! Start off by leaving Facebook's site, and going to http://www.yoville.com. Once there, you can get coins by doing the following:

Pop-up missions! There are three you will get: turning on lights, grabbing pots of gold, and picking up presents. Each mission brings you to a friend's profile page. The presents mission is pretty straight foreward...you get whatever is in the package you click on the upper right side of the page. Both the lights missions and the pot of gold missions will earn you 5 points each time you click one, also in the upper right side of the profile page. I estimate that you can earn around 100 points a day following the missions.
Separate Pot Of Gold Hunt! After all of the pop-ups are done (the last will let you post on your Facebook account that YOUR lights are out and you need someone to turn them back on) you can start finding even more pots of gold. 10 of these are hidden, randomly, among your friends' profiles. Your buddy list is in the upper right hand corner. The easiest way is to go to each friend's page, in order. Wait a minute for the page to fully load (sometimes the pot takes a lot longer than the rest of the page.) If a pot of gold pops up, click it for 5 more coins. If not, go on to the next page. 10 pots, at 5 coins each, is an extra 50 coins a day! (Also note that you earn badges for finding pots, so there is another plus!)
Clean up splats! A new balloon feature was added a short while ago, where you can throw balloons at your friends' profile pages. This makes splats on their page! If you have soap, and click on a splat (on your profile or your friends') you will be rewarded with 5 coins. Be VERY careful with this, however. Some YoVillians LIKE the special (shaped) splats and will be very angry if you clean them up. So, for me, I make it a policy to only clean up the small or medium balloon "messy" splats, and not the pretty ones. (More on the balloons in a future volume.)
6. Get Profits From Items
This one is gonna be short and simple. Most of the "rich" YoVille players got that way by investing wisely. In other words, get the coins you have received from the above methods, save them up, and buy limited edition items (costumes are big, as well as holiday items.) Then, when those items are no longer available, they will be worth a LOT more. You can then use the "events" feature to sell the item at a much higher price to another member.
7. "FREE" YoCash
The last one is kind of a last resort fix for those who really want YoCash (these are the special currency, not the coin), but have no REAL money to buy it with. If you click the "Earn More YoCash" tab above the game screen, you will be presented with offers. A lot of the offers are pay ones, but there are some free ones. You can separate those by clicking the "FREE" tab, and only those will show. Be very careful, as quite a few will get you into trouble (trial offers that will charge you eventually if you don't cancel.) But there ARE some that are free, like signing up for a newsletter. These will have low amounts of YoCash, but will give you a start on buying some of the special items that are YoCash exclusive.

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