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YoVille Tips Vol. 2: Levels and YoPoints

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1 YoVille Tips Vol. 2: Levels and YoPoints on Sun Nov 01, 2009 12:25 pm


For my next edition of my YoVille tips series, I am going to cover the YoPoints (YP) system, and the levels. The levels and YP in Yoville are still relatively new. Basically, you do things in YoVille to get YP, and as you gain YP you reach new levels. At some levels you get special items, others you gain actions, and in still others you gain special titles in the game.

First, I will go over the ways to gain YP. Some were already covered in my last tips edition on coins.

1. Working at the YoVille Factory.
As well as being a great way to gain coins, "clocking in" also gains you YP. How many you get depend on which job you choose:

Weave Fabric for Clothing: 6 XP
Assemble Fishing Rods: 11-15 XP
Manufacture Furniture: 6 XP
Build a Basic Widget: 10 XP
Your maximum YP possible per day? If you always opt for Assembling Fishing Rods, and assuming you got the max possible of 15 YP, and did this 4 times a day, you can get up to 60 YP per day.

*** Important Note: Since making this guide, the Widget Factory has been replaced with the Sweets Factory. Please see my Volume 4: Sweets Factory guide for more info!!! ***

2. Visit Your Friends.
Visit friends, and doing one of the actions, gains you a flat 10 YP. It does not matter which action you pick: "dance", "fight", "kiss", "joke", "message", or "give gift". But, if you are looking to maximize coins, it is best to choose either send a message or give a gift, as these yield the most coins. You may visit up to 20 friends a day, and you only get credit for visiting any particular friend once a day.

Your maximum YP possible per day doing this would be 200.

3. Playing Games
The same system described under coins also applies to YP. The games are paired together.

Fishing and the Race Track work hand in hand. You can win 20 times combined in a 24 hour period. Each win earns you 25 YP! So just doing this, your maximum possible YP per day is 500!

Playing Tic Tac Toe and Rock Paper Scissors with other YoVillians also work hand in hand. You get credit for only up to 200 coins worth of wins. Every win (or tie in Tic Tac Toe) earns you 5 YP.

4. Purchases
Every time you make a purchase, you earn YP based on the price. This includes items bought in the stores, food purchases (including from vending machines in homes), and feeding pets. It does NOT include any purchases made on yoville.com, unfortunately.

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