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YoVille Tips Volume 5: FAQ

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1 YoVille Tips Volume 5: FAQ on Sun Nov 01, 2009 12:55 pm


I've compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions on YoVille to answer some common things I get asked a lot. This will be updated and added to as needed.

What is YoVille? - YoVille is an interactive virtual world type game. You create a character/avatar, and can travel around the town, decorate your house, buy things in shops, and play games (within the game.) It is put out by Zynga, and offered on many social networks, namely Facebook and MySpace.

Why won't my friend talk to me when I visit their house/apartment? - That is because usually they're not really "there". When visiting a friend's house or apartment, their character appears kind of as a placeholder. It seems like they are doing things like making smiley faces or throwing balloons, and walking around, but it is just computer generated actions. Then only way to interact with your friend is to find them when they are online on your buddy list.

I see some stuff in stores that I can't buy. It's a different type of money than the YoCoins I earn. How do I get this YoCash? - Well, one of two ways. You can buy it with real money from Zynga. You can also participate in offers (both free and paid ones) to earn YoCash that way as well.

What are the events all about? - There are events for many reasons. Some are to buy/sell stuff. Be very careful with those, as a lot are scams. (i.e. "Best gift gets dog": people gift the event holder stuff, but get booted from the room as soon as they do, and no one actually gets a dog.) Others are merely social, for people with like interests.

Where do people get all the cool costumes from? - Some are available during different seasons. (Halloween costumes during Halloween, bunny costumes during Easter, etc.) When a costume is no longer available in the fashion/clothing store, the only way to get it is from a fellow YoVillian who is selling one. I really stress, again, that getting these in the events is not always a hot idea. It is a lot safer to go to YoVille.com and arrange a private trade. (An event is made special just for the private sale, or you find each other in the game via some other method.)

Are the free gifts really "free"? - Yes, but you can only send so many per day (currently 30.) And each friend can only get one per day.

Someone offered to "double my coins"! Is this possible? - It is a scam. If you see someone doing this, or anything else that seems too good to be true, it usually is a scam. Help Zynga police crack down on these scammers by reporting them. (Click on the character and there is an option for this.)

I've been scammed in the game! What do I do? - Go to Zynga's report site and file a ticket: http://www.zynga.com/support/ They will investigate and help you out. (Be patient...sometimes it takes a while for them to get back to you! There are a lot of players in the game.) This same site can also be used for reporting other issues, as well. Make sure you give as many details as possible.

What are Clubs? - These are a feature Zynga put out recently. It lets people of like interests hang out together. Club logos show on your YoVille.com profile. (You can be a member of up to 3 at a time.) Currently you must be invited by a club admin to join a Club. to start your own, you need to shell out 10 YoCash. (The currency that requires real money to buy, or doing offers.)

How do I buy a house? - Go to the realty office. There are many to choose from, some paid for with YoCoins, and some with YoCash. Most require you to have a certain size crew to buy them, so here is another example of why having a lot of friends pays off.

Can I sell my apartment now that I've bought a house? - No, you can't currently sell your apartment or houses.

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