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Hack O Rama

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1 Hack O Rama on Mon Aug 24, 2009 10:38 am

Ninja Warrior Ryan

Ninja Warrior Ryan
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Here is a list of what I know hackers and scripters are currently able to do:

Admin hackers - Fixed? Random reports reoccur..
Some of them are able to add the gold badges and powers, rumour is Zyngas working on it, screen shot of it from their point of view..
PS the girl with pink hair isn't pink ninja either..

Avatar reading
They are able to view your age and gender and user locale info (such as US) via information on your Yoville avatar, and also your Yocash/Yocoin amount as well as your player id, and probably inventory contents too. As well as this they can read a few other details including date your character was created and last login date

Player kicking - Fixed?
Reports coming in that they can kick other players off for a few minutes Comes with a message of their choice

Send admin message to anyone - Fixed
Simlar to the message you get when reported or when you log in they can send one like this to you, and also have creative choice over what message goes in there, but the message doesn't actually do anything

They are able to block certain actions directed against them, such as reports and kick attempts, so no matter how many times you try to do this action against them, it will do nothing. Things that they are probably able to filter are kicks, mod boots, reports, trades, gifts and game requests

Screen freezing - Partially fixed
Still possible, but it has been made harder for them to do..

They can go invisible and be unclickable as well..

Getting old collectibles/Unreleased stuff - Fixed?
Old and unreleased collectibles have become available again for them to buy, along with unreleased items/hair. Once they refresh after buying though it turns into starter stuff. It is tradeable for them though and if you buy it off them you will receive said item but it will not be tradeable/giftable without the use of non Zynga approved software.

Resetting connections - Fixed
They have the ability to disrupt your connection to Yoville so that you have to refresh and rejoin

Trade hacks

A new one where it seems they can change the name of the item in the trade box - observe a black track jacket changed by them so it looks like a VIP jacket..

And another one with the same thing done to it..

Adding to buddy list - Fixed
They are able to add themselves to anyones buddy lists with a bit of work

Water baloon stream - Fixed
They are able to throw water baloons in a stream like they're being fired out of a machine gun, this can slow the game down a lot when they do this..

Gifting stream - Fixed
They are able to send gifts in a stream, similar to the water baloons, which when directed against yourself ends up freezing your web browser

Trade streams - Fixed
Involves them sending more trade requests to you then your browser can handle, causing it to crash

Buddy request streams - Fixed
Similar kind of thing, decline then ignore future requests to get round it

Club invitation streams - Fixed
You can get frozen by them sending a lot of these in a short time

Starter items/house transfers/otherwise locked items - Fixed?
This is another thing they can do, trading/gifting items such as houses, starter items, dance moves and other items that are normally untradable.
In the case of dance moves you can end up with multiple listings for the same move..

Store access
It seems they are sometimes able to get some items from the store with a bit of work, including unreleased items
Be wary about buying something that may be hacked though as Zynga have set traps before to catch people doing this

Jelly face - Fixed
They will have a face that 'wobbles' along with the tops of their shoulders too, its fairly harmless if a little weird looking, it does make them harder to click on though

Clearing white boards - Fixed?
I think this is still possible for them to do with a bit of effort

Hiding under the screen
Still possible for them to do, and they're unclickable when doing this - usually

Maxing from games - Fixed?
They are able to earn 200 coins a day without actually playing through all the games

Badges - Fixed?
I think they are still able to boost badges to max out on them

Spinning like a helicopter - Fixed
They can spin round on the spot but through various degrees of rotation, kind of like the cats and dogs do when they roll over

Kick anyone/anywhere - Fixed
Possible for them to do still, but takes a bit more effort for them to set up

Changing room layouts - Fixed
They can make wallpaper display as flooring and vice versa in properties they own. They can also change room layouts of other peoples properties, and make the room flash between different layouts, refreshing usually fixes it, but if not the items will still be in their inventory

Spamming messageboards - Fixed
Can be done outside of their targets apartment, a bit daft though since they leave their player id when they do this, they need yours to make it work if outside your apartment, otherwise they can spam it from inside using the leave message box

Reading PMs
They can also read private messages sent between other people, but not on the main Yoville screen itself

Casino odds - Fixed
They may be able to obtain extra cash from the casino, but not a large amount in my opinion

Boosted stats - Fixed
They may be able to boost the energy bar so they don't get the sandwich hanging there..

Speech color
Possible for them to change this to something like red

Removing features Fixed
They can remove certain facial features, like eyes for example, and also their name and badges under their avatar

Locking rooms
They can lock/unlock rooms they're in that aren't theirs

Lock bypass
They can enter rooms that are locked

Teleporting offscreen
They can transport themselves offscreen, similar to walking off but a bit quicker..

Sliding - Fixed
Like the sliding trick they can do this using their software

Pet renaming
They can rename the pets in your house to whatever they want

Sending animations - Fixed?
The animations you get when visiting a friend and sending them a kiss for example can be sent in a stream to someone, also if they're set to be sent by and to the same player they will hover over them like its stuck to them
Animations include - coins, kisses, mails, gifts

Item resizing - Fixed?
It seems they can resize certain items so that they appear bigger/smaller than they would normally

They can not remove coins/items from your inventory using their software.
The above info is correct to the best of my knowledge, but not comprehensive, the list may get updated in future..

Also its a good idea not to give out any of your details, such as email address, as password cracking is a possibility. The best way to get round this is to use passwords that are not obvious, and use a combination of upper/lower case letters and numbers/symbols too

Keeping all your internet software up to date will help as well, flash player, web browser, and anti virus/firewall security too

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Coin Dust

Coin Dust
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Thanks for taking the time to do this for me, it wouldn't let me post it. Mad

3 Re: Hack O Rama on Wed Oct 07, 2009 6:30 am


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thnk forall ur help

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-Mason Wuz Heer-

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Updated Very Happy .

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