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Clothing Design Contest Winners!! plus some ;)

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1 Clothing Design Contest Winners!! plus some ;) on Tue Aug 25, 2009 11:59 pm

Ninja Warrior Ryan

Ninja Warrior Ryan
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(Hey, Its Ryan, Will Post The Rest Of The Pics Later)

Hi Guys,

The votes are in and tallied!

Before we get to that I have to say a big Thank You to everyone who participated in this contest. Thank you to those who entered, encouraged others to enter, and just those of you who voted. We love seeing your creativity shine through contests like this one. We also want to give you guys as many opportunities as possible to influence what we put in YoVille. You guys are what makes YoVille great and we want to see you happy.

Okay, now on to the winners! =)

The runners up were picked by you, the YoVille Community.

3rd Runners up in boys and girls goes to:

Boys: Cassie Cane, congratulations Very trendy entry!

Here are the votes:

Girls: Megan. Congratulations Megan! This lollita looking dress is stunning. =)

These players won 5k in coins and 10 YoCash.

2nd Runners up for boys and girls goes to:

Boys: Chunk07, congratulations and good job!

Girls: Congratulations Madonna <3, this Sea Style outfit was a personal favorite of many of our devs. It’s very cute and original.

These players won 5k in coins and 10 YoCash.

1st Runners up for boys and girls go to:

Boys: Congratulations Lil Heatha , the community was really cheering this entry on!

Girls: Melafer, congrats on this beautiful entry. The judges were wowed by this one. It was a very very close call between this entry and the first place winner.

These players won 5k in coins and 10 YoCash. A surprise prize will go out to these two players as well. Keep reading to see what they get!

1st Place

Okay the first place winner for boys and girls ended up going to the same person. This person won by a landslide with the boys and edged to first place with the girls! Not only did this player win, but she is bringing YoVille our very first set of Pajamas!!! This is something that you guys have requested for a long time. These will be the first pajamas in YoVille, but they will not be the last.

Congrats to Lace1

Boys entry.

Girls entry.

The First place winner will receive the following:

An outfit inspired by/based on your design will be featured in YoVille.
All pieces of said outfit will be credited to your account.
You will be featured in a YoVille blog.
10k in coins.
20 YoCash.
We make contests like this both to add fun activities to YoVille.com, and to give you guys a chance to decide what goes into YoVille. With that being said, we saw a huge response from the YoVille Community asking for the 1st Runners up to have their outfits made as well. In an extra effort to please all our YoVillians, our clothing art devs have agreed to make both the 1st place winners outfits and the 1st runners up in both girls and boys!

Boy players that designed the 1st runner up entries will also get their outfits credited to their accounts once they are made.

Our devs found many of your entries inspiring, so don’t be surprised if you see some other new items pop up in the store.

That’s the end of our very first Design contest. Expect to see more in the future!

Keep your eyes open for these clothing items in the YoVille Fashion store. We hope to have them available to you within the next 1-2 weeks.

Thanks again to everyone who participate!!

~Pink Ninja

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