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Mid-week Ninja update!

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1 Mid-week Ninja update! on Wed Aug 26, 2009 10:47 pm

Ninja Warrior Ryan

Ninja Warrior Ryan
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Hi Guys,

The last few weeks have been super busy here in YoVille. Sorry for not giving you guys updates a bit more regularly.

Here’s what’s going on right now.

While out devs are working on some exciting new features and items, they are also working hard to fix issues that some players are experiencing.

Here are some of the latest fixes our devs have put out:

-Loading getting stuck at 75%. We put out a fix for this and it appears to have worked for those who were experiencing this issue.

-Race bets not paying out accurately. The fix for this is going out tonight. It should work for everyone.

-We had reports of some people getting white floors and walls when saving room edits. This issue should be resolved now.

-Factory pay issues. Many players reported that they were not getting paid at the factory. For most people they only needed to refresh to see the increase in coins and XP. This should be fixed for the majority of people who were experienceing this issue. We are still seeing a few people who say this is still happening and we are working hard to get it fixed for everyone.

-White screens when trying to log into YoVille. This issue is pretty complicated and can be caused by several different things. It’s not the same for each player that is experiencing the issue. We have put out two fixes that helped several people with this problem. Some players have also noted that the issue went away when they changed settings with adblockers they were using. This thread is a good source of info and a place to post if you are still having this issue: http://www.yoville.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=97590&p=5

There are several other issues that our devs are working on, some should be resolved later this week. We appreciate all of you who are providing us with vital details about these issues. Thanks for the patience.

While making fixes and changes our devs have also been working on *points down*

New Stuff!

If you like to be the first to see new items and new features you’re going to want to stay up late tonight!

Tonight you should see the release of the clothing items that were designed by you and voted on by you! This will be both a girl and boy set of pajamas and the 1st runner up outfits. I’ll give you a sneak peak on this since you guys designed it:

To the winners of these contests, we will make sure that you are credited your rewards by tomorrow at the latest.

In addition to our new clothing you will also find new items in the furniture store.. and in the realtor’s office.

I’m not posting pictures or giving exacts on the other items since this blog is a sneak peak before the actual release. You’ll have to wait and see these items in game.

There will also be a new feature added tonight if all goes well. *crosses fingers* Tomorrow we will post an in depth how to blog for this feature. So far all I can tell you is that it looks fun! =)

Alright guys, that’s all I can tell you today. I will do my best to keep these updates coming so check back regularly!

~Pink Ninja

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That's cool, Thanks Ryan

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