Hey there, Great to see you on YVA! I just wanted to ask if you've seen the rules recently for YVA? If you haven't go ahead and check it out http://bit.ly/A1B56X . Make sure you understand, and agree to the rules before posting. Thanks Smile.

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Hi Im Marcy

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1 Hi Im Marcy on Fri Oct 02, 2009 3:14 am


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Hey everyone, just a quick hello. I go by Marcy or MarcyB (forum) in the game. I am new here and also to yoville, well kinda. My neice made me sign up for it Dec. 20008 cause she needed crew members. I tried it a couple of times and thought it was silly until a couple of months ago. I think I really started playing around the time when the catus was a free gift ?lol, when ever that was. Anyway, I am now a yoaddict. Wish I would have given it a chance back in Dec. 2008 cause I would have alot of valuable collectibles by now.

Nice to see another forum other than the offical one with the game. Glad to meet eveyrone, I am generally a lurker but will post if it is something I can contribute that is worth while.


2 Re: Hi Im Marcy on Fri Oct 02, 2009 3:54 am


Welcome Marcy, I would like to Introduce you to the site,
Get news also from are Facebook Page and our Twitter
Am glad to see you on the forum.

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